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Where are you on your eCommerce Journey?

eCommerce isn't the cherry on the cake, its the new cake

Are you serious about your business?

It’s pretty clear to most business owners these days that if you sell products and services, then you need to be doing so online. Once that decision is made it’s not just a matter of throwing up a website with some form of payment gateway however and hoping for the best. There are many aspects that need to be considered in order to put your best foot forward.

With a little care, some expert advice and a holistic approach to the situation, there is a huge amount of potential for what you can achieve for your business out in the world wide web and probably for a cost much cheaper than one would expect.

Depending who you speak with of course.

8 Great reasons for moving your business online

Minimise Overheads

An online store costs much less than that of it's bricks and mortar counterpart

Greater flexibility

React quickly, make instant updates and promotional strategies.

Cheaper Marketing

Allows better targeting which is both cheaper, extremely precise & more effective

Broader Potential

Reach out and attract customers who have not bought before

Geographical Reach

Take your business from local to nationwide and even international

Customer Profiling

Target products and services to particular customers based on buying data

Always Open

Allow customers to make purchases whenever suits them and sell 24/7


The ability to tell people about your business and answer questions upfront

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