Trade Time
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Trade Time

Brought to you by the team at LTG Goldrock

About This Project


LTG Goldrock is a world-class team teaching ordinary investors how to get better returns.

They have a highly experienced and successful senior trading team specialise in educating and guiding everyday investors on how to use trading as a tool to create a better financial future for themselves and their families.

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The Project:

One of the biggest aspects of what LTG Goldrock deliver is in assisting their members by allowing them to watch them trade live. On top of this, they have expert traders placed worldwide that deliver entry and exit points of forex traders 24/7.

With member numbers in the thousands, the old method of using email and text messaging was simply not suitable do to process and especially cost. LTG approached us to develop them a cross-platform smartphone app that among many other aspects, would give them the benefit of a free allocation of monthly push notifications that will forever exceed their needs.

Key Aspects of the Project:

  • USER AUTHENTICATION: As this app had many functions for many individuals at various stages of the buying process from enquirer to full-blown member, a key feature of the app was to be able to authorise access to part of the app only to users who had a username and password.
  • USER GROUPS / PERMISSIONS: Further to this point, it was key to be able to define both the different user groups and their respective access rights accordingly.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: In order to allow the flexibility required and ability to filter their messages to subsets of groups within the entire network of user and potential users, we built them a state-of-the-art push notification system. One that would allow them various scheduling, filtering, opening actions and geolocation parameters to ensure the right message got to the right people in the right location at the right time. And all withiut a per transaction cost.